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OUR STORY is a PAC advocating for rural people by rural people.

We are a group of rural advocates who are proud of our deep rural roots who believe the small town way of life is worth fighting for.

We started because we believe that every person, whether you live in the city or a small town, deserves an equal shot at the American Dream.


We believe the best way we can look out for our friends and neighbors is to get out and vote to support candidates who fight for us and ensure we have access to quality healthcare, education, and critical social services.

Young Farmer with Flock of Chickens


Rural people look out for each other no matter what! We know what’s best for our families and our communities and we refuse to sit back and allow politicians to make decisions about us—without us.

We believe that local, state, and federal government policies should benefit working people, and too often our economic system is rigged for the wealthy and powerful.


That's why we support candidates for office who have our back, who support small businesses over major corporations and are working to ensure that all rural people have access to affordable healthcare and critical services like local pharmacies, grocery stores, and the post office.

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