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Search Runs Quarter Million Dollar Midwest Battleground State Campaign

Columbus, OH - The super PAC is running a quarter-million-dollar campaign supporting Democratic candidates with a positive vision for rural communities. They’re targeting rural swing counties in Kansas, Iowa, Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania for November’s election. The campaign includes 42,500 Biden Harris yard signs across five states, large barn signs in Iowa, a six-figure media buy for rural newspaper and radio ads supporting senate candidates in Iowa and Kansas, and targeted digital ads in five states. recruited more than 100 volunteers that planted 42,500 Biden Harris signs over a span of three weeks in more than 80 swing counties including those that voted for Obama twice and Trump once across the battleground states of Iowa, Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania.

John Russell, Ohio farmer and Campaign Director for, said of the effort:

“Four years ago, Donald Trump won the presidency by running up rural vote totals. His disastrous record since then speaks for itself. This year, rural voters are turning to candidates who understand and listen to their communities. While we might not win rural areas outright, cutting margins in rural areas means winning big on election day so that we have the chance to build back better in every part of the country.”

A six-figure media buy placed 330 radio spots and made 942,000 newspaper impressions across rural Iowa and Kansas in support of Democratic Senate challengers. In addition, the PAC is targeting digital ads to pivot counties in the target states that hold Senator Joni Ernst accountable on farm prices, feature pro-Biden family dairy farmers in Wisconsin, and promote progressive values that Joe Biden shares with rural America.


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